Writers Classification

When it comes to starting a writing career, one should know which type of writer he or she is or want to be. Most new writers find it useful to study a writers classification and to pick type that seems to be the most appropriate for their style and personality.

I consider the most important writers classification to be that by genre. There are countless writers out there, and all of them are grouped in separate genres, according to what they are specialized in writing. This way there are the science-fiction writers, the romance writers, the thriller writers, the adventure writers and the criminal investigation writers. Each and every one of the writers in each category has a specific style of writing, therefore creating books that fit into the proper genre.

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The science-fiction writers are those who choose to work with mysterious, fantastic elements in their stories, thus creating books that send the reader into a distant world, very different from the one we live in. The romance writers focus on capturing the passion and the tenderness that surrounds a couple, building stories around the main characters’ relationship. The thriller writers come up with a story which contains suspense, twists and complex characters that go through unexpected events. The adventure writers like to create books about characters who take on quests which they attempt to complete, while having to overcome many challenges. Last but not least, the criminal investigation writers have very straightforward books that depict a crime followed by the investigation trial that leads to the discovery of the murderer.

Apart from the genre classification of writers, there are other types of categorizations, out of which I find most important the writers who make a living by publishing their pieces in newspapers or receiving venue for their short essays. They are generically called freelance writers. Most of them are employed writers who choose to write columns for certain newspapers. They are called journalists or columnists. Their job is to either write about news they hear of, or to create small excerpts of writing about what they consider to be important. Another type of writers that fit into this class is the speechwriters. They are essential in a leader’s life and they get paid for writing what important people will say in front of big crowds. Lastly, I believe that there is another type of writer that fits perfectly in this category. Ghostwriters are quite similar to speechwriters, but they write entire books for their customers, the name of whom will be on the covers. This is a booming industry, as many of the actual people who have their names of book covers did not actually write the books, but rather anonymous persons that were paid for the job.

Lastly I would describe another category of writers that have a very special feature in common: what they write rhymes in a way or another. The poetry writer category is a vast one, from which take part many types of poets, who write in many different styles. This way, there are romantic poets, erotica poets, political poets, satirical poets, pastel poets and free verse poets. Each type of poet has its specific method of writing poems and describing what he or she feels. The satirical poets write poems that say a story and end with morale, in order to help the reader learn something. The pastel poets write poems about nature and its beauty, describing it in metaphors and epithets. Finally, the free verse poet is a rather new type of poets, and they write without the verses to rhyme. Their works are, however, read by few people, as not everyone can find the beauty of free verse.

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To conclude, there are many different types in writers classification. One only needs to decide which class they like best in order to write for their own or to read in their free time. Most of the times however, poets have a style that matches their personality, and no matter how much they try, they cannot write poems from other classes.

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