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At Essay-Online-Shop.com, we guarantee that you receive completely original work. Our team of expert writers is proficient in a variety of academic disciplines and they can develop papers in the most intricate topics and follow most complex instructions. Our writers work equally well on orders of different types and different levels. You can order a paper from us and get reassured of our quality. We are confident that you will be satisfied with what you get and will return to buy our writing services in the nearest future.

100% Authenticity

At Essay-Online-Shop.com, we provide only original papers. All our writers make sure they write each paper from scratch in compliance with all customers’ instructions and requirements. The paper you will receive will be prepared exclusively for you and will never be used or sold for someone else. Our company does not tolerate any kind of plagiarism. Thus, when your paper is ready, it is checked for plagiarism by the writer and our support team via several plagiarism check engines to ensure there is no slightest chance for it in your essay.

Timely Delivery

Students have deadlines for their assignments. Therefore, there is no wonder our customers set deadlines according to their requirements. At Essay-Online-Shop.com, we understand that you might be punished for late submission of your work; thus, we are dedicated to delivering your paper according to the specified deadline. Furthermore, if you have time and think that the paper you received needs improvements based on the initial instructions, you are free to send it for revision, which will be done within 48 hours at no additional cost to you.

Top-notch Quality

When buying your papers from Essay-Online-Shop.com, you can be sure that you will receive a well-researched and written paper. Our team consists only of experienced writers with degrees and expertise in a wide variety of academic fields. Our writers are trained to prepare all papers following your specific instructions and requirements, and they work in your best interest to provide you with top-notch papers that cover all your custom needs and materials.

Customers’ Interests are a Priority

Essay-Online-Shop.com is a dedicated service to meet all customers’ requirements and needs. For this reason, we carefully review the initial instructions to provide papers that will cover all specifics in detail. We make sure that even peculiarities of customer’s writing style are resembled in the papers we provide. In case a customer thinks that certain things in the paper need adjustments, we will do a free revision immediately. Yet, note that you have 48 hours after order delivery to request a revision for free. Also you need to send specific remarks on what you need to be improved.

Money Back Guarantee

Essay-Online-Shop.com stands out in the industry with its Money Back Guarantee to customers if they turn to be dissatisfied. If you do not like the paper you receive from us and think that some of your instructions were omitted, you can request a refund on your order within 14 days after order delivery. For this, you will need to send us an e-mail explaining what has been done wrong or has not been done at all. If you consider that your order contains plagiarism, you can apply for a refund without any time restrictions. However, you will need to send us a valid report from a reliable plagiarism checker (e.g., Turnitin) as we use several plagiarism check engines to ensure originality of papers.

No Pre-Writing!

We work to meet unique needs of our customers. Consequently, our writers develop each paper from scratch based on individual specific instructions. No pre-written pieces are used to write your papers. When you receive your paper, it becomes yours and none passage of it can be used for any purposes later, and of course, it cannot be resold or passed to another person.


All personal information you indicate in the order form is securely stored on our server and no one except for authorized administration has access to it. We are bound to keep your all your information secure so that no one can know it. Furthermore, it is only you who can change your information on your personal profile on our website.

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