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The market of custom writing has a lot of players, but our company is viewed as a top one among numerous competitors. We designed a perfect affiliate program for the clients in need of our professional assistance, willing to get wealthier with our help. Our loyalty to the customer’s needs and our commitment to their success is the basis of our affiliate program. We are doing our best to make our customer base larger, and we value every new client, who comes to us to get expert guidance. We like rewarding the customers who like our professional service and provide them not only with excellent writing help, but also with a chance to earn. We offer them an affiliate program that enables the clients not only to make use of our services of writing and editing, but also to gain more money. We have your future as our priority in setting goals. There is no need to spend when there is a chance to get richer. Your profits will bring you excellent grades and a lot of satisfaction.

So, you have almost decided that it is time to start working with Essay-Online-Shop.com, but you are still looking for a solid argument to make your decision final. Take into account the fact that your requirements to all the papers you order will be met, but also do not forget that you also get a bonus! Share information about our service and its peculiar features with everybody you know and promote our company for a certain profit for you. On the one hand, you get written papers; on the other hand, you gain financial bonuses. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

What Do We Suggest?

  • You get a 10% bonus every time your family member, friend or acquaintance places an order on our website.
  • Everybody who gets an invitation from you to get registered at our company website and enjoy the best quality online writing services gets a one-time 17% discount!

How Does the Service Work?

  • Having logged in your account, get into the “Affiliate Program” section.
  • Find a promotional code you get in the account and send the form with the attached affiliate link to start sharing with your friends
  • Copy the provided link and then start sharing it.
  • Each new client who gets a link or a code from you gets into the system and gets recognized.
  • It is easy for the new clients to use the sent code or link and get to the order page at Essay-Online-Shop.com.
  • It does not require any efforts to get the discount on the first order placed at Essay-Online-Shop.com as it is applied automatically.

*Fill in the required info in the section called – ‘My friends’ emails’. You can add here the emails of all people you know. Then they will get an email with an attached link for the orders. It will also contain additional details about how often, why, and when they will get be emailed by the company.

Do the Students Benefit from Our Affiliate Programs?

The main principle of the program is that you will get bonuses each time you recommend our service to your friend after he/she places an order. These bonuses accumulate in your account and then may be used by you to pay for own essays, research papers, and other services of our company. If, for instance, you have many bonuses but not enough for the needed order, you may pay for it partially with money and partially with bonuses.

We give you a chance to get earnings! Withdraw the money via either Wire Transfer or PayPal the same day. Another option is to place your next order using this earned amount.

The referral program of our company has a number of key principles related to providing bonuses each time an order from a first-time customer is placed. Accumulated bonuses are kept in your customer’s account for you to pay for the research papers and essays you need. For instance, you want to pay for the order and you have some bonuses in your account. You may use partial payments: he will both use your bonuses and actual money.

Make your dreams come true! It has never been so easy to save time, money, and work efforts with Essay-Online-Shop.com!

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