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Introduction Clarity on various claims concerning issues, beliefs or allegation on the existence of certain creatures is not conclusive. The fact that the final decision on diverse issues has not been made discussions from different perspectives is high. In addition,…

Abstract The invasion of Iraq by the US under George W Bush administration in 2003 was uncalled for, deceitful and it breached on the sovereignty of the Iraqi people. This paper highlights some of the reasons that warranted the invasion…

Marijuana is a blend of greenish-grey dried and shredded leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is a mind-altering substance accountable for most of the inebriating effects sought by its recreational users. People smoke it in the form of cigarettes…

In the past centuries, abortion has been used to prevent people of genetically inferior racial groups or different genetic defects and mutations from having children or stop population’ growth in general. At present, the issue is an object of political…

It should be possible to buy citizenship and this can be proved from the evidence presented by Sophocles and Plato. ‘Antigone’ is a play written by Sophocles who analyzes the difference between being a good person and a good citizen….

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