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Vinyl Banners for Father’s Day

Vinyl banners are the popular type of domestic and foreign advertising and the way to greet people. The banner can be used not only in one, but several advertising campaigns. Its lifetime ranges from one to three years (Tur, 2011). With the help of banners, it is possible not only to create nice advertising but also celebrate such holidays as Father’s Day honoring fathers and husbands in some countries. In fact, a father is one of the dearest people to each person, and he often teaches a child as well as shows the right way in life. The vinyl banners are the perfect way to create positive mood and honor a father or a husband.

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Components of vinyl cloth ensure a reliable operation and durability of the advertising signs. These materials are resistant to the damaging effects of sunlight and rain and do not corrode. The basis for creating vinyl banners is polyvinyl chloride which has characteristics such as transparency and neutral color. It is non-flammable and easily painted (Jones, 2014). Banner cloth can be divided into categories: light-painting with a glossy two-sided varnishing where illumination is performed from the rear side; opaque fabric with polyester fibers which allows printing images on both sides; cloth designed for one-sided printing and characterized by high density and lights made with the facial side (Jones, 2014).

There are two different types of technology application in reinforcing mesh vinyl, namely laminating and casting. The cast banner is more expensive than laminate (with the same density of the finished product). More and more people working on banner cloth prefer the latter material despite the higher cost which allows the use of the finished product for 7 years or more (Jones, 2014).

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Before placing an advertising banner, it is necessary to discuss certain details such as:

1. The audience, age limit, professional orientation, and others. It affects many things such as the size of the banner, the best place to set the banner, and the amount of time and money necessary to invest in design layout.

2. Selection of the size and location. It can be outdoor or indoor advertising, the installation of a banner in static position or flexible stretching, the number of banners, the time during which the banner will hang.

3. The selection of banner materials and fabrics for the manufacture of outdoor advertising.

4. The review of lightening opportunities at nighttime or under certain weather conditions. This kind of ad will be more visible and effective.

5. Considering at what height banner ad will be placed. If it is too low, the ad will be directed to people who are nearby, and if it is high, it will be active for a large area of ​​settlement (Tur, 2011).

Preferably, the banners are placed at a certain height. In this case, people hire professional industrial climbers or aerial platforms. The first requirement is used when the aerial platform is not high enough because of its technical characteristics. Each of these points, of course, affects the cost of manufacturing and the leasing of a banner.

Historically, the majority of banners are used as a way to advertise or announce something. There are cases where a banner is used as a way of greeting. It often happens on the eve of holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays. With banners, one can inform the population about the forthcoming celebration noting the date, time, and agenda of the event.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Father’s Day is annually celebrated on June 19 in honor of the fathers in the most socially and economically developed countries. The initiator to introduce this holiday in the US is Mrs. Dodd of Washington. Eventually, after the approval by the President, festive day represents respect for family values (Buchanan, 2016).

This celebration is important for the formation and development of a man as the chief security and support of a family. It deepens friendly relations, equality, and love for one another. After this weekend, the positive mood will remain for a long time, and the impression will last a lifetime.

It is important how exactly every big event will be held. It is necessary to remember that the most important factor in these events is the fresh air and the presence of all family members. A walk in the local park, a water park, an entertainment center for children, organizing hikes, participation in sports, boating along the bank of a river or lake, cycling, etc. are examples how to spend this holiday. Both children and adults like Father’s Day. The ideal celebration of this day is to combine few of the above examples.

An interesting method to congratulate someone is to order a banner. It is not necessary to spend much time to buy such a gift. It is enough to register on the Web, add a photo a customer wants to be placed on the banner, write a word or phrase, arrange where to place the banner, its size, what the data should be for which it should hang. In the end, it is necessary to pay for the service, which could be done through a terminal or online bank. Of course, the order can be made directly in the office of the company with the help of staff designers or by calling. Employees can advise how to place and pick up a size for the banner. Such a gift can please everyone.

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In fact, vinyl banners can be used during Father’s Day celebration for the purposes of:

1. Greeting and confession of love. It is a great way to express feelings and thoughts that are not discussed by family members every day. Moreover, most men usually are rather shy to openly communicate feelings and hear words of thanks. However, they need attention, love, and support. The vinyl banners are the perfect way to voice care and affection.

2. Support a certain person, team, group. Banners can create the sense of a team and help with the arrangement of the holiday where families will be involved in team competitions.

3. Outdoor or indoor advertising of any product or service. A lot of companies realize their goods and services during this holiday. Vinyl banners can vary in format and design thus being convenient for businesses as a means of advertising.

4. Outdoor signboards of shops or offices. Family members can create a banner which will represent the name of a father or a husband as the title of a new company or an office.

5. Notice of an event. Today’s life is very fast and full of advertising and news. It is hard enough to draw people’s attention to a particular event; therefore, vinyl banners are a great means to inform in advance of public holidays or family holidays like Father’s Day (Tur, 2011).

To conclude, the vinyl banner is an information medium including color images with the text of any format. Most often, it is used in advertising and gains popularity in the service of greeting. The production and printing of banners for the business purposes should be trusted only for proven companies given the importance and significance of placed banners for advertising of the company and the time of broadcasting. Banners of high-quality design and excellent printing can be cheap, and customers can be absolutely sure of the quality of manufacturing of the promotional items. Thus, banners draw attention of clients and create holiday.