A Small Country that Fosters the Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number of People

Home Research Paper A Small Country that Fosters the Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number of People
A Small Country that Fosters the Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number of People


The current society seems to come to its end as wars, starvation, economic downfall, and corruption in many parts of the Earth ruin the world. Therefore, there is a need to develop a concept of happiest country. In such a country, all the troubles and challenges mentioned above will be eliminated, while only positive changes will be implemented. These can be borrowed from the most successful countries of the modern world. Particularly, the happiest country will borrow the economic system from Switzerland, the police and judicial systems from Singapore, and the military and religious neutrality from Iceland. By doing this, humans in the happiest country will be able to live in harmony and joyfulness throughout their lives.

Keywords: happiness, economic system, government, corruption.

A Small Country that Fosters the Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number of People

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There are plenty of countries in the world nowadays. While people in some of the countries feel happy, the inhabitants of other countries are usually miserable due to a number of reasons. For example, Switzerland was ranked the happiest country in 2015, scoring above average in jobs and earnings, subjective well-being, health status, income and wealth, environmental quality, social connections, skills and education, and personal security. However, the major thing that makes Switzerland such a powerful country is a strong sense of community. This is proved by the fact that 96 percent of citizens state that they have someone to rely on in times of need (Johnson, 2015). In Denmark, the work-life balance is considered as a major factor influencing people’s happiness, along with other aspects such as education, healthcare, etc. In contrast, the least happy countries include Liberia. One of the major reasons that has lead its residents to feel unhappy is the civil war in the 90s, which has caused the death of 250,000 people. Other reasons include the deadly Ebola epidemic as well as endemic corruption. Tanzania is another country ranked as one of the least happy countries due to its financial issues. Citizens of CAR majorly suffer due to sectarian conflicts and related turmoil. Thus, while establishing the happiest country, one will need to fix the issues of the poorest countries and improve the conditions of the happiest ones to achieve the absolute happiness for the greatest number of people. Such a perfect place can be called the Utopia, a country where all the people are happy as they have the sufficient amount of every good and lack any troubles.


Throughout the history, wars have caused the greatest harm to the countries, turning the prosperous countries into the poorest and most miserable ones. Thus, the country that intends to foster the greatest amount of happiness to the greatest amount of people will know no such thing as war and armed conflict. The wars result in numerous death, making the survivors unhappy as they have lost their relatives, spouses, children, and livelihood. Moreover, the financial situation in the country is worsening during a war as lots of financial resources are allocated to the conflict. The war usually ruins the image of the country on the world stage, which makes the investors and possible partner states avoid the conflicting country. In the happiest country, all the people will be endowed by the principles of fairness and democracy, treating any situation democratically through negotiations. Thus, the possibility of any conflicts will be fully eliminated. In addition, any tools that could be used for wars will be unknown and unavailable in this small happy state. A good example of such a neutral country is Iceland that is one of the happiest countries in the world. Although Iceland is member of NATO, the country does not participate in military operations (Erikson, 2017). Furthermore, in order to defend the residents from images of conflicts, there will be no media content about wars. . The full protection from any conflicts and wars will provide the people with the feeling of security, which will be important in increasing their happiness.

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Economic System

Another significant factor influencing the people’s happiness is economic situation in the country. “The economic is art or science of household management, esp. with regard to the proper organization of domestic resources” (“Oxford English Dictionary,” 2018). From this definition, it is evident that a strong economic system contributes to high level of life, which ensures people’s happiness. On the other hand, all the most miserable countries are also the poorest in the world. The people in such countries suffer from hunger and lack basic goods such as drinking water, not to mention other conveniences available to people in rich countries. Thus, residents of the happiest country will not experience lack of money or economic crises. This can be compared to the Baltic countries that are considered as the most economically stable ones in the world due to proper governmental economic policies and transparent financial operations (Semjonova, 2016). In the Utopia, all the people will have sufficient amount of the food full in nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. All the people will be able to buy any seafood, fruits, veggies, and other kinds of food. Moreover, there the drinking water will always be available as it will leak from the taps in each person’s house. The lack of resources usually leads to conflicts in the family due to inability to buy some necessary tools. Therefore, in the happiest country, people will be able to purchase any goods, be it new stylish jeans or a Full HD TV. The country will be fully financially secure, which will enable its residents to earn much money and afford anything they need.

Governmental System

An important factor in the happiest country is the governmental system that includes the leading authorities who rule the country. The poorest and most miserable countries usually suffer from corruption that leads the countries into the precipice. The government officials in corrupted countries are excessively rich, because they steal vast amounts of people’s money. Thus the happiest country’s governmental system will be transparent, which will allow the residents to hold the government accountable for its actions. In this case, corruption will certainly be impossible, which will ensure financial prosperity and bring balance in all spheres. Furthermore, transparency in the police and judicial system will serve in eliminating crime. The fair judicial system is an absolute must in the happiest country. This will ensure all the disputed questions and situations are solved lawfully and transparently. A good example of the fair and transparent police and judicial system is Singapore where any cases of crimes and corruption are severely punished. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding prime minister, and Dr. Goh Keng Swee, the architect of Singapore’s economic miracle, have worked together and established the harsh laws and punishments for their violation. Thanks to this, they managed to achieve the unbelievable success (Mahbubani, 2017). Nowadays, Singapore is one of the countries with the minimal level of corruption and crimes. Thus, the transparency of authorities will also contribute to happiness among the people in the happiest country.


Along with wars and improper economic policies, the most miserable countries usually suffer from religious conflicts. The religion is an unconscious system that involves believing in God as the one responsible for people’s fates. The first important change that ought to be done is to make the religion centralized. The current world has plenty of religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism. However, the aforementioned religions are just some of the numerous beliefs systems that exist in the world today. Throughout history, people from various religions have frequently waged wars. This is because those who follow a certain religion consider it as their duty to claim that their religion is the most righteous of them all. For example, most countries that are situated in the Middle East frequently experience conflicts between Christians and the Muslims. However, in some countries, the religious differences are treated neutrally, supposing that each person has a chance to follow the religion he/she wants (Sawyer, 2016). Thus, the happiest country should adopt the secular type of society where nobody is allowed to impose any religion upon others and the religious issues are not introduced and discussed publically (Baggini, 2012). However, the better scenario is when people in the happiest country unite together and follow a common religion by serving only one God. This way, any disputes where one religion is praised while the other religion is considered less important will be impossible. Thus, conflicts based on the religious differences will eventually end, which will ensure harmony, peace, and unity among the people in the happiest country.

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Healthcare System

Although wars, economic issues, and religion are significant in influencing people’s happiness in a country, healthcare can be considered as the most vital aspect. Throughout history, humanity has experienced lots of cases of epidemics that have managed to devastate countries’ population in a matter of weeks, bringing happiness to the absolute lowest point. Nowadays, some parts of the world are still affected by epidemics that kill thousands of people, the virus of Ebola being an example.. However, along with fighting deadly viruses, the healthcare system in general should also be improved. In the happiest country, there will be no epidemics, and healthcare system will serve its patients day and night. The cure for the most dangerous diseases such as cancer and diabetes will be developed, which will help save people’s lives. Moreover, children’s pathologies will be easier to detect, control, and cure to provide the children with prosperous future. The development of the healthcare system will reach its peak, which will allow people to live without any improper health conditions. Although there are countries in Europe and America where people have access to better treatment and medical conditions, it is not sufficient as lots of people die from the chronic conditions such as heart diseases, cancer, etc. Therefore, having a well-developed healthcare system will ensure people’s health is improved and safeguarded, which will certainly make the country the happiest one.

Interpersonal Relations

The perfect interpersonal relations will add to the happiness in the country. This is because the warm relations with spouses, relatives, children, neighbors, and other people are proved to be a significant contributor to people’s feeling of happiness for. People who do not encounter divorce, interpersonal misunderstandings, and troubles with children usually feel much happier. In the happiest country, there will be warm relations among the people, whereby everybody is ready to help another person. For example, when a person’s vehicle has broken in the middle of the desert road, each passing car will stop to aid the driver. The spouses will try to solve any conflicting situations through discussion rather than threats and divorce. The children in the happiest country will be the most courteous regarding their parents, teachers, and all the surrounding people. There will be no jealousy or complaints as the whole country will work like a clock. Moreover, the happy and warm interpersonal relations will contribute to better health of people. The survey of Harvard Medical School has proved that people who are happily married have lower risk of the blood pressure, heart attack, and cancer (“Can relationships boost longevity and well-being?”, 2017). All in all, citizens of the happiest country will have the warmest relations among each other.

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Education and Jobs

Apart from a unified religion, proper economic system, and absence of wars, the happiest country should ensure its residents have access to well-paid and interesting jobs as well as an adequate education system. This is because it is impossible to live in the modern world without elemental skills of reading and writing, not to mention computer skills, language fluency, etc. The happiest country provides affordable education whereby students, regardless of their financial abilities, can study in any school or university; in the happiest country’s education system, knowledge will be the thing that matters most (Shintaro, 2016). The students will be provided with all the necessary materials for successful learning. The teachers will play the role of promoters rather than strict supervisors. After completing their education, all the students will be provided with well-paid jobs according to their specialization, where they will be able to operate in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The survey shows that 39% of all people are happy overall because they are satisfied with their job and that it is the most significant part of life for them (Unanue Gómez, Cortez, Oyanedel, & Mendiburo-Seguel, 2017). Thus, the adequate education and jobs will add to the feeling of happiness.


The happiest country will adopt the most progressive elements of all the counties and eliminate those leading to unhappiness. The global challenges such as wars, religious conflicts, and economic troubles will be eliminated. This will ensure that the Utopia’s residents will be the happiest ones. Thus, alike residents of Switzerland, they will feel the economic security; alike residents ofIceland, they will stay neutral in terms of military and religion. The people will follow one religion, which will help in avoiding any conflicts. The healthcare system will discover the cures for cancer, heart diseases, and other illnesses. The governmental and judicial systems will operate without corruption, which will ensure that people live in the fair conditions. Moreover, the warm interpersonal relations will be the major component of people’s happiness; the adequate educational system and availability of diverse jobs will also add to the happiness of the residents. The happiest country will make it all possible for its residents.