Should Marijuana Become Legal?

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Should Marijuana Become Legal?

Marijuana is a blend of greenish-grey dried and shredded leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is a mind-altering substance accountable for most of the inebriating effects sought by its recreational users. People smoke it in the form of cigarettes or even sniffing it. Marijuana has several medicinal benefits, but the effects are far more disastrous. It has an association with most types of cancer as well as other psychological problems. Therefore, marijuana should not be legalized because it is an entry drug that leads to harder drugs and greater crime rates.

The question on whether marijuana should be legalized or not is based on its benefits and effects. Studies have shown that it has quite some health benefits. It can be used to cure and prevent eye diseases like glaucoma that increases the pressure in the eyeball (Baker, Shaikh & Coleman, 2015). The results are that the optic nerve is injured leading to loss of sight. To that effect, marijuana lessens the pressure in the eye thus reducing the advancement of the disease to prevent eventual sightlessness. It may also help reverse the oncogenic effects of tobacco and progress the health and capability of the lungs (Wallace & Ware, 2015). The capacity is amplifiable by taking profound breaths while inhaling the drug and not from the healing chemical in the drug. Similarly, marijuana can be used to manage epileptic attacks (Gobira et al, 2015).

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The active elements in the drug manage the attacks by binding to the brain cells accountable for monitoring impulsiveness and relaxation. One of the major reasons why people use marijuana is that it reduces nervousness. There is also an improvement in the smoker’s temperament and serves as a tranquilizer in low prescriptions. The drug also helps release pain and subdue vomiting. These are the two reasons why it is used to dismiss the side effects of chemotherapy among cancer patients (Wallace & Ware, 2015). A recent study shows that cannabis lessens the side effects of curing hepatitis C and increases the efficiency of the treatment (Russell et al, 2015). Curing the disease is hard since the side effects include vomiting, muscle pains, and depression that last for long. Most patients do not finish their treatments due to these negative side effects. However, a study discovered that a great percentage of patients using marijuana fruitfully finalized their treatment for the disease while a small percentage of the non-smokers completed the treatment (Wallace & Ware, 2015). Apart from that, marijuana heals inflammatory bowel ailments. The elements in marijuana intermingle with cells in the body that play a crucial role in the gut function and immune reactions.

In as much as marijuana has health benefits, the negative effects are more far-fetching as compared to the benefits. Once smoked, there is an almost instant effect on one’s brain, sense of insight and the heart rate (Volkow et al, 2014. The effects are short-term but can also be long term depending on the extent of its use. When inhaled, marijuana is quickly released into the bloodstream on its way to the brain and other tissues. It, however, takes some time for absorption to occur when one eats or drinks it. Just like the tobacco smoke, marijuana is made up of several lethal elements that can infuriate one’s tracheal channels and lungs. A consistent smoker is likely to breathe heavily, cough and produce mucus. The threat of contracting bronchitis is quite high and lung infections too. One is also vulnerable to other respiratory illnesses such as asthma (Volkow et al, 2014. The smoke in marijuana comprises of cancer-causing substances that raises the likelihood of one developing lung cancer. It is one of the most serious and dangerous effects of the drug since the cure in still unknown.

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The active ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol often abbreviated as THC. Once it moves from the lungs into the bloodstream, the heartbeat is amplified rapidly. The chances of developing a heart attack are thus quite high. Marijuana use causes one to have a bloodshot eye. The reason is that the drug makes the blood vessels in the eyes to inflate, and this can have adverse effects on one’s vision.

The central nervous system is greatly affected by the use of Cannabis Sativa.  This part of the brain controls all the functions of the body, and its interference can have adverse effects. THC prompts the brain to release a substance accountable for the high pleasurable feeling (Volkow et al, 2014. It may intensify the sensual insight. The chemical also affects how one processes info thus damaging the ruling. For instance, in young children with an underdeveloped brain, marijuana can have an enduring effect on memory skills (Volkow et al, 2014. The same case applies to children born to mothers who abuse the drug. The children have trouble with remembrance, attentiveness, and problem-solving abilities. Balance and harmonization are affected and therefore, the drug abusers are susceptible to accidents as these changes are not safe to drive.

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Mental health has an association with large absorptions of marijuana. One is prone to dejection, nervousness and misconceptions (Volkow et al, 2014. When one comes down to the high feeling, one may feel tired and miserable. Withdrawal signs such as irritability, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite result. Research also shows that marijuana use affects school, work, and even one’s public life (White, Bechtold, Loeber & Pardini, 2015). Students who smoke marijuana have inferior learning outcomes than their non-smoking peers due to its effects on the level of intellect. Heavy marijuana use is associated with less revenue, greater welfare reliance, joblessness, illegal behavior and lesser life fulfillment. In places of work, marijuana users have bigger risks for accidents due to poor coordination and balance. The absence rates are also high and this affects the productivity of a business (White, Bechtold, Loeber & Pardini, 2015).

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In conclusion, legalizing marijuana would be quite beneficial in the treatment of some diseases. The effects, however, are for more disastrous than the benefits. The long-term side effects are very harmful and hard to reverse. The resources in a country are used in treating the ailments related to marijuana use instead of economically advancing the nation. The family resources too are drained, and manpower is also lost since such people become unproductive. In my view, therefore, marijuana should not be legalized.

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