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Should be Possible to Buy Citizenship

It should be possible to buy citizenship and this can be proved from the evidence presented by Sophocles and Plato. ‘Antigone’ is a play written by Sophocles who analyzes the difference between being a good person and a good citizen. In the play, readers are told about the death of Antigone’s brothers Polynices and Eteoocles (Easterling, 2003). This is the first area that illustrates the significance of being able to buy citizenship. On the other hand, Plato was not the first individual to examine the association between the community and morality. However, he was the first scholar to provide the first philosophical expression between the two concepts. Plato says in a republic, political stability and psychological integrity are similar. Therefore, a person should be able to buy citizenship when he finds that the place he lives lacks political stability and other aspects of integrity. This argumentative essay critically analyzes why in a free market it should be possible to buy citizenship.

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Antigone by Sophocles

In the Play, King Creon refuses the funeral of Polynices to continue and says that he will not be buried because he is a traitor. Antigone is deeply pained and goes to talk with Ismene concerning the King’s decision and the injustice. This is a leading example why it should be possible to buy citizenship because Antigone who simply have transferred to another country. Antigone wants Ismene to help her carry out a certain act but Ismene becomes afraid of breaking the law made by the King (Easterling, 2003). She says that they are only two women and they do not have the energy to fight against the men. She also believes that the rulers are more powerful and they have to obey the laws that have been passed. This is a notion that would have been different if it was possible to buy citizenship.

Unlike Ismene, Antigone believes that she has the right of opposing the King’s decision if the decision is wrong. She successfully manages to bury her brother without the help of Ismene. However, the guard tells the King about the incident and Antigone is captured. She accepts the accusations and admits the punishment. However, she says that the order made by the King did not originate from God and therefore there is no justice in what he has done and continues to do (Easterling, 2003). When a person reaches a position where he finds that there are injustices in the area he or she lives, there should an opportunity of changing citizenship. This can only occur at a rapid pace if governments reduces he regulations required to buy citizenship. Antigone makes a brave move and challenges the laws made by the king using her right to objection. Such a move is common in today’s democracies where people have a right to challenge their governments if they find a certain law is unfair.

Antigone asks which kind of law she has broken and who will come to her rescue. She is supported by the people of Thebes while King Creon is criticized for his actions (Sophocles, 2003). He decides to change his ruling after he is warned by the blind prophet and his son Haemon. Nevertheless, his decision is too late since Antigone is executed. Antigone’s husband Haemone, Creon’s wife Eudice, and Creon’s son end up committing suicide and the narrative comes to a tragic end (Easterling, 2003). These are some of the incidences that could have been avoided in the governments make it easy to purchase citizenship. Antigone is a very important character who has been the first female character to oppose injustice and fight for her own right. Allowing chances of buying citizenship provides a wonderful opportunity of eliminating inequality that is present in different countries. The greatness of her character is attributed to the fact that she was able to fight for her rights.

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The Republic by Plato

Plato recognized the fact that only psychological integrity would breed political stability. When human beings are forced and controlled to live in a certain way, it leads to anarchy and revolution. This connection has historically been represented as simply something that people learn by them. The outlook of the polis, its values, and the way they are crystallized in the sense of art produces and portrays the kinds of decisions that are hierarchically made (Bloom, 1991). It is such a kind of an organization that makes the organization of the decision making process either appropriate or inappropriate. In such kind of a situation, people should be able to buy citizenship in order to move away from a situation that is not appropriate before it escalates.

It is possible to hear from the background some of the main and lurking questions. For instance, there is a question why the City of God is being sacked yet it was a Christian Rome. The answer from Augustine acknowledges an overlap between the City of Man and City of God, and carefully avoids prescribing withdrawal (Bloom, 1991). This implies that buying citizenship should be regarded as a personal decision that should be made after a person considers various issues. It is a personal that should be made without the duress of other individuals.

It is important to note that the reason why utopian societies fail is because of the complex nature of evil that is even found among the saints (Ferrari & Griffith, 2000). It has been said that most individuals consider the issue of buying citizenship as a personal decision that should only be done without threat. It is supposed to be a free concept that is provided to everybody in order to open up opportunities to different people. Solzhenitsyn said that the line that divides between evil and good tends to cut through the heart of each individual. If everyone follows the ideologies of Plato, it can be agreed that societal configuration plays important roles when it comes to securing the ability of people to flourish (Bloom, 1991). When the direction of Augustine is followed, it can be concluded that it is very difficult for the society to completely eliminate human wickedness. The two roles play a critical role when it comes to the possibility of buying citizenship.

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The reason why people decide to purchase citizenship can range widely, and this includes the needs to flourish or move away from poor political leadership. These are fundamental rights that should not be denied o human beings. The world is currently making sure that all human beings are considered as equal. Providing all individuals with an opportunity of living where they want is one of the steps of making this world an equal place. The insights of both Plato and Augustine drive towards liberal tradition that is commonly supported by most of the Western organizations. It is affected by the concept of realism when it comes to the human heart and how it is inclined depending on the situations a person finds himself in (Bloom, 1991). Although it is crucial for human beings to pursue a virtuous communal living, it is also important to note that sometime it is not possible to fully achieve all the goals. Whereas the society can strives towards making it possible to buy citizenship, some difficulty will be encountered along the way. The most important thing is to inspire the entire society to make important changes that will improve the lifestyle of all individuals in the society.

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In conclusion, this document has critically analyzed the reasons why in a free market it should be possible to buy citizenship. In the play entitled Antigone, Sophocles shows how Antigone goes through a period of turmoil after the king refuses her brother to be buried. At the, disaster strikes when Haemone, Eudice, and Creon’s son commit suicide after Antigone is executed. This portrays the importance of making it possible for an individual to buy citizenship if it will reduce the risk of disasters. Conversely, Plato in the Republic says that psychological integrity and political stability usually lead to the same result. An area where the rulers have complete power often leads to anarchy. People should be able to purchase citizenship when they feel that their freedom is curtailed in the region they are living in.

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