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The main purpose of this paper is to study and analyze the global warming issue and the policy that is being adopted to solve the problem. Within the research, there will be represented the series of key facts relevant to the topic. The facts will be followed by the analysis and the proposal of possible decision and the solution as a result of the implemented strategy.

The global warming, as the scientific term, defines the process of the rise of the average atmosphere temperature on our planet that has begun in the 19th century and is gradually progressing especially in the last decades. Scientists claim that the process is connected with the influence of the human race that is constantly felt by the Earth and that results in the constant rise of the average temperature. The reechoes show that the process depends on such actions of human beings as deforestation of the planet or fossil fuels burning that result in the growing percentage of the greenhouse gases within the atmosphere of the planet. In turn, it raises the average temperature and pressure that harms both flora and fauna. As a result of this influence, the living conditions in the number of regions and, therefore, the process itself represents a serious potential danger for the human race in these geographic areas.

This issue has become one of the most important problems to be solved in the recent years. That is why, the countries all over the world are now implementing specific programs and reforms that aim at reducing the negative effect of the global warming issue; thus, the policy is now of the international significance. Therefore, it is extremely important to study and analyze the global warming policy in order to be able to elaborate the possible decisions and predict the solutions that will lead to the reduction of the scope of the problem. The new initiatives that can be effectively implemented in order to support the policy are especially important within the area as they will result in the improvement of the existing natural conditions of living for the whole world.

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The global warming policy is now one of the most topical subjects for the discussion for the whole world; it has provoked more action in political, economic, and social sphere than any other issue in the last years. The rising scale of the problem has resulted in the establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1998 that has been launched by such international organizations as the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The aim of this organization is to elaborate concrete solutions within the area that will have the real effective outcome and therefore reduce the high tempos of the world danger. Since that time, the series of scientific researches has proved the high level of topicality of the issues and has shown the data concerning the real harm to both the nature and the human race. The IPCC has presented two reports with the guidelines for the diminishing of the use of chemicals that result in the increase of greenhouse gases amount and, therefore, indirectly affect the development of the global warming.

In the early and mid 1990s, there was a series of specific assessments within the area followed by the reports of the organization that summed up the outcomes of the assessments as represented by the general framework for the future researches and analyses of the ongoing process in the national and world scale. The first assessment has proved the dangerous tendency in the change of the average temperature on the planet although it did not support the claim that there was a direct connection between this fact and the impact of the human race. The second assessment that followed this research has proved that there is a serious influence of the human actions on the changes in the Earth climate (Nordhaus, 1994). These two outcomes have been used as a base for the reports put forward by the organization in 2000. According to the predicted climate models, the average temperature on the planet will rise for more than 10 Fahrenheit during the following century. This, in fact, will return the planet to the weather conditions of the era of dinosaurs. The following report that has been presented to the wider audience in 2001 has continued to research the issue and concluded that the serious climate changes during the last 50 years has been provoked by the human activities.


As it can be seen, the situation requires new decisions in order to reduce the global warming and its harm to the weather conditions, temperature, rise of the sea level, melting of the ice at the North Pole, and the spread of serious diseases that are fatal for the human beings and animals. To make the professional and potentially effective decisions regarding the global warming, the authorities will require all these data to be taken into account and made available to the society. This will help to make the process logical and attract as much social attention and support as possible. Specific reforms have to be implemented within the economic sphere as a lot of big companies make their products with the use of chemicals that produce greenhouse gases. At the same time, financial resources have to be given to the scientific projects that work on the elaboration of the alternative technologies that will reduce the use of the harmful substances and find the alternative to the fossil fuels (Stavins, 2000).

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As a result of the national and international reforms, the reduced use of harmful chemicals that produce the greenhouse gases and the shift from the fossil fuels to the alternative resources will decrease the percentage of gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, it will mark the beginning of diminishing the harm of the global warming. This initiative will be extremely important considering all the data and evidence that have been introduced by IPCC reports (Whitehouse, 2010). The change in the economic sector might also result in the reduced dependence of the world most influential businesses on the natural resources and also diminish the potential risk of the new financial crisis.

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As a result of the growth of the world population, the technical progress and the enlargement of the production of goods and services, the negative impact of the human race on our planet is getting more and more dangerous. As a result of the burning of fossil fuels and the use of the series of chemicals that are harmful for the atmosphere, the percentage of the greenhouse gases increases every year. It leads to the greenhouse effect that, in turn, raises the average temperate on our planet. That is the reason of the great number of the world catastrophes, epidemics, and crises. To reduce the harm of the issues, the global warming policy tries to implement the series of reforms and alternative programs to curb the greenhouse effect and reduce the global warming. As a result of these initiatives, the IPCC has been launched to settle the initiatives within the sphere. In this relation, I find it necessary for the organization to implement the series of economic reforms regarding the national states of our planet in order to change the technology of producing goods and series. Moreover, I find it extremely necessary to invest in the scientific researches that are concentrating on the elaboration of the possible alternatives to the fossil fuels that produce harmful greenhouse gases. These innovations if implemented in the world economy will lead to the serious changes in the process of dealing with the global warming problem. I find these changes to be the key ones, and they will be the first step towards the healthy future without the global warming.

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