Best 100 Persuasive Essay Topics

One of the most important writing tasks at schools, colleges, and universities is creating a persuasive essay. Lots of students do not have appropriate knowledge to complete this task. Every student should follow certain rules in order to get the best grade from the professor/instructor. There is another name for the persuasive essay – an argumentative writing. In general, both types of essays presume the same. One should appeal to reasons and logical presentation of ideas. However, it is not so easy to write a persuasive essay since it requires considerable writing skills. The more papers a student writes, the better results he/she will achieve while writing a custom persuasive essay. Here you can find a list of topics for your persuasive writing assignment.

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    Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Why should every country prohibit animal testing?
  2. Should recycling programs get more funding from the government and the public?
  3. Why does modern music lyrics mostly negatively influence children?
  4. Why do so many people use public transportation?
  5. Why should every family spend much time together?
  6. Should cigarette price be higher?
  7. Should mass media dedicate more attention to the problems of economy and politics?
  8. Should healthy eating be more advertised in all forms of mass media?
  9. Should the public be aware of a nuclear weapon?
  10. Good Persuasive Essay Topics

  11. Should all men serve in military forces?
  12. Does energy crisis influence the way people live nowadays?
  13. Why is drug abuse a burning topic at present times?
  14. Should fur trading be banned?
  15. Violence on TV. Why should people be aware of its effects?
  16. Why is the image of sexuality distorted nowadays?
  17. Why is traveling important for the development of personality?
  18. Should government establish more sports programs?
  19. Does euthanasia have to be legalized?
  20. Can gambling be perceived as an addiction?
  21. Should couples be aware of the pros and cons of adoption?
  22. Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  23. Why fashion was not that important in the past.
  24. Is human cloning acceptable referring to religious principles?
  25. Can religious traditions provoke a war nowadays?
  26. Can managers be considered as leaders in their organizations?
  27. Should people change their attitudes towards insignificant problems?
  28. Should all children be required to listen to classical music at schools?
  29. Why do people believe in TV propaganda?
  30. Is the matter of terrorism overestimated?
  31. Why do personal relationships should be forbidden in the workplace?
  32. Genetically modified food and its negative consequences.
  33. Funny And Humorous Persuasive Essay or Speech Topics

  34. Should students get free condoms?
  35. Why do students need to get more free time?
  36. Is it possible to live on the Moon?
  37. Should junk food be prohibited for children?
  38. Is kissing in public a bad habit?
  39. Can rap and hip-hop music negatively influence the children development?
  40. Should Wi-Fi access be free for all people?
  41. Modern society and its positive influence on the world around us.
  42. Can paparazzi be considered as spy?
  43. Why do people live more with healthy eating?
  44. Should marijuana be legalized in all states?
  45. Social Issues Persuasive Essay Topics

  46. Why do people perceive single parenting in a negative way?
  47. Should consumers be aware of all the ingredients of the purchases?
  48. Should people invest more funds in societal programs?
  49. Why should not old people be allowed to drive?
  50. Why are there so many poor people?
  51. Should all couples attend parenting classes before giving birth to their children?
  52. Should parents pay more attention to improper behavior of their children?
  53. Do women on maternity leave receive enough funds?
  54. Should parents be aware of modern ways of bringing up their children?
  55. Should old people get an opportunity to use free public transport?
  56. Should people be required to have a certain garbage limit?
  57. Should gay couples fight more against violation of their rights?
  58. Should people be educated on the matter of domestic violence?
  59. Medical Persuasive Essay Topics

  60. Should all women be exposed to cosmetic surgeries?
  61. Should people be engaged in physical activities to remain healthy?
  62. What effects does alcohol abuse have on people?
  63. Should home birth be forbidden?
  64. Should obese people dedicate more time to physical activities?
  65. Can women be considered as beautiful after numerous cosmetic surgeries?
  66. Should all pregnant women be exposed to the obligatory AIDS tests?
  67. Why do people suffer from anorexia?
  68. Why are there so many genetic issues people suffer from?
  69. Should teenagers be informed of the negative consequences of bulimia?
  70. Should all people be engaged in blood donation?
  71. Why do so many young people do not have enough rest?
  72. Judicial Persuasive Essay Topics

  73. Does divorce always provoke negative consequences?
  74. Should society protect gay rights?
  75. Should government restrict abortions?
  76. Should law enforcement agencies pay more attention to the child abuse issue?
  77. Should drunk drivers experience more severe punishment?
  78. Should deforestation be under government’s control?
  79. Should immigration laws be stricter?
  80. Should girls’ cruelty be punished?
  81. Should separate cities be allowed to obtain autonomy?
  82. Should selling of violent video games be banned?
  83. Should government protect information obtained from surveillance cameras?
  84. Why is there a need to lower the voting age?
  85. Should private prisons be allowed to exist?
  86. Why should reckless driving be severely punished?
  87. Why should public smokers be fined?
  88. College Persuasive Essay Topics

  89. Should college sports achievements influence students’ educational results?
  90. Why are college admissions always a challenge to students?
  91. Should boys and girls live in separate dormitories?
  92. Should college and university athletes receive decent salaries for their achievements?
  93. Should every American know more about basic grammar rules?
  94. Should students have more field trips?
  95. Should teachers’ knowledge be re-assessed every five years?
  96. Should college education be free for everyone?
  97. Why are SATs crucial nowadays?
  98. Why do schools need more funding?
  99. Scientific Persuasive Essay Topics

  100. Should people know more about the consequences of air pollution?
  101. Why do so many people suffer from problems in ecology?
  102. Green House Effect and people’s health.
  103. X-ray and its negative effects on human health.
  104. NASA exploration. Is it really necessary nowadays?
  105. Should scientists pay more attention to mental diseases?
  106. Is reincarnation possible to believe in?
  107. Why are people so dependent on technology?
  108. Should space programs be funded?

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