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Air Pollution Essay Structure

An essay is a special type of writing, where a writer has to divide the text into several paragraphs without presenting any subtitles. One may think that there is no certain structure of the essay. However, if one looks closer at an essay sample, he or she may find a clear structure of the paper that students have to follow.

The Definition of the Essay

Every writer can adjust the structure of the essay to his / her personal writing needs since there are no strict patterns that should be followed. However, all essays have almost the same structure that is presented below.

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Ordinary Essay and Its Main Structure

Every essay is usually divided into three parts, such as an introductory paragraph, main body, and concluding paragraph. Moreover, you have to understand that there is no need to write separate headlines “Introduction,” since all parts of an essay have to be logically presented by the writer.


Every introduction should contain the key information to provide the reader with the matter of a further discussion, as well as state the purpose of writing the essay. Usually, the introduction takes no more than two paragraphs.

Main Body

The text in the main body should correspond to the presented title. It should comprise several paragraphs with original ideas. It means that every paragraph should reveal one aspect of the issue and be logically connected to the next paragraphs, as well as the thesis statement.

Every paragraph in the main body has to present a topic sentence, which should be proved with the help of ample evidence, statistics, data, arguments, etc. Usually, the topic sentences are the first sentences of every paragraph, whereas all other sentences should support their claims.


Conclusion can be defined as a summary of the whole essay. It should present the key results, findings, or main aspects of the discussion, as well as restate the thesis statement. Usually, conclusion takes only one paragraph.

How to Write an Essay on a Given Topic?

Undoubtedly, one may find thousands of essay topics online. One of the most popular ones is “Air Pollution.” One may think that this topic is out-of-use, but many professors still assign it to students requiring to present original results on the issue.

Hints on Writing an Essay on the Topic of “Air Pollution”

  1. Gather appropriate materials (conduct research on the given topic).
  2. Determine causes or reasons of global warming.
  3. Define the conventional and alternative ways of solving the issue.
  4. Reveal your personal interpretation of the topic based on the gathered materials.
  5. Recommend your personal solutions to the issue.
  6. State whether there are any preventive measures in relation to air pollution.
  7. State whether the issue has a long-term effect and negative influence on the humankind.
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A Sample of an Air Pollution Essay

Undoubtedly, many researchers consider air pollution to be one of the most burning issues nowadays. Scientists identify the most common reasons that contribute to air pollution, among which one may find human activity, technological advances, industrialization, and global warming.

Usually, clean air is made of certain gasses. However, when other gasses are emitted into the atmosphere, the air becomes polluted. Consequently, the contamination of air negatively affects the ozone layer, which, in its turn, provokes drastic changes in the natural habitat.

People also contribute to the contamination of air. Cigarette smoke emits carbon monoxide, which significantly pollutes air as well. However, the most harmful gas is carbon dioxide, a chemical compound that is revealed in the atmosphere from volcanoes or burning of coal. Whenever carbon dioxide reaches the atmosphere, the ozone layer is exposed to its drastic negative effects.

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Nevertheless, air pollution is interconnected with another burning issue – global warming. Since the temperatures in numerous countries get higher, glaciers and icebergs begin to melt, which lead to the increase of the sea level. The result is obvious – many species lose their natural habitat and cannot find an appropriate shelter with the same conditions.

One should not underestimate the effects of acid rains on people and the environment. When acid rain occurs, water drops contain dangerous compounds that fall on the ground. Thus, human beings, as well as flora and fauna are exposed to severe risks.

The most obvious consequence of air pollution is the spread of numerous diseases among people, such as tracheitis, bronchitis, and even cancer. Researchers state that millions of people suffer from these illnesses annually.

It is evident that air pollution contributes much to the destruction of the ozone layer and spread of different diseases. It is high time to take some decisive measures to preserve the environment and its flora and fauna.

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