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Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery service is provided for long papers, e.g., 20 + pages double-spaced and 10 + pages single-spaced. It allows controlling the process and quality of writing.

Benefits of Progressive Delivery Include:

  • Ability to be in charge of the writing process due to reviewing drafts of the paper that you will receive in the process of writing before the final deadline;
  • Ability to request free amendments to the paper within longer than usual timeframe, namely within 30 days upon order delivery.
  • Cooperation with one of the top writers and editors;
  • Service of a personal manager who will be assigned to control writing process and ensure the best service possible.

You will receive drafts of your paper based on the following schedule*:

  • For an order of 20+ pages with 4 days in urgency, one draft covering 25% of the volume will be provided within half of the deadline provided for order completion. Consequently, you will receive a 5-page draft within 2 days if you order a 20-page paper with the 4-day deadline.
  • For an order of 20+ pages with a deadline between 5 to 11 days, you will receive two drafts covering 25% and 50% of the volume within 25% and 50% of the time provided for order completion correspondingly.
  • For an order of 20+ pages with a deadline of 12+ days, you will receive three drafts covering 25%, 50%, and 75% within 25%, 50%, and 75% correspondingly.

Paying just 15% extra to the sum of the order allows you stay in charge and be constantly updated about the progress of your paper.

* The schedule can be negotiated separately with your personal manager to make it correspond to your expectations and needs.

Additional services for short orders (less than 20 pages)


You can order a 1-page summary to be able to grasp the whole paper in a condensed form. The summary will summarize key point of the research outlaid in the paper.


Ordering a draft enables you to have a glimpse in the process of writing and provide your feedback or specific directions for further paper development. The draft will be provided within 50% of the order deadline and will cover one page either double (300 words) or single spaced (600 words) in volume.

Extended Revision

While all orders provide 2 days to request a free revision, extended revision option prolongs this time to 14 days! Ordering this option allows receiving feedback from your professor and making amendments to his/her comments, which will result in a higher grade for your final paper.

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