50 Classification Essay Topics

If you cannot find or create a topic for your classification essay, you are welcome to choose it online. We will present the best 50 topics and explain what classification essay is.

Many phenomena and objects can be defined with the help of the classification while presenting their usual and particular qualities. While writing a classification essay, you have to remember that the text should be divided at least into three parts. Also, keep in mind that all names should be of the same nature, e.g. all nouns or verbs.

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For instance, buildings can be classified into residential, storage, educational, mercantile, etc.

Do not forget about such important hints. First, choose only the topic that is cognitive for you to explore. You have to choose a classification that is of special interest for you since it will be easier to present your personal attitude towards the matter.

If you have already chosen the topic, proceed with brainstorming and think how to generalize your ideas. For instance, you can write “There are three commonly known classifications of people.” Then you have to define all categories in different paragraphs and logically connect them to the chosen topic. You can use different methods for writing categories of the phenomenon or object – logical sequence, special relations, chronology (or time sequence), etc. If there are similar observations that correspond to more than one category, you can group them together to save the readers’ time. You can create a category with the help of description, narration, exemplification, or other techniques that you find appropriate for your essay.

Do not think that you should begin writing with the introduction since the most important part is the main body. If you have already written all categories in your classification essay, then you can write the introduction. However, you have clearly to state the subject of discussion and a hint for possible classifications. If your classification does not cover all possible sides of the phenomenon, you have to write about it at once. Moreover, you can indicate some catchy details on the matter to make readers interested in the chosen topic.

It is always preferable to show your essay draft to the classmates. Let them express their attitudes towards your writing style and recommend the parts to improve. Only if you let them read your essay, you will know whether you have succeeded in essay writing or not.

We offer you 50 topics that could help you to discover a subject interesting for you:

  1. Writers
  2. Buildings
  3. Classmates
  4. Bosses
  5. Communities
  6. TV series
  7. Athletes
  8. Friends
  9. Diets
  10. Smokers
  11. Characters
  12. Neighbors
  13. Dances
  14. Drivers
  15. Actors
  16. Theater plays
  17. Fruits
  18. Vegetables
  19. Animals
  20. Occupations
  21. Emotions
  22. Facial expressions
  23. Marriages
  24. Movies
  25. Poems
  26. Compliments
  27. Hobbies
  28. Kinds of mood
  29. Diseases
  30. Furniture
  31. Churches
  32. Clothing
  33. Clubbers
  34. Ways of spending a weekend
  35. Colleagues
  36. Social networks
  37. Shops and markets
  38. Ways to save energy
  39. Books
  40. Cars
  41. Vacations
  42. TV watchers
  43. Educational establishments
  44. Cosmetics
  45. Popular gadgets
  46. Types of gifts
  47. Cheaters
  48. Politicians
  49. Outside activities
  50. Summer sports

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