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50 Best Definition Essay Topics

A definition essay is a type of writing a task that requires defining an object, phenomenon, or concept. The purpose of the essay is to define the term, which is not known to the readers.

The definition of the chosen object should be explicit and elaborate. It is vital to choose only those objects or concepts that will give you an opportunity to write much information about them due to their complex nature. Usually, a definition essay is divided into several parts: presentation of the term you will define, revelation of the key concepts, arguments and facts, presentation of catchy ideas or anecdotes that will make your readers remember the key terms.

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Whenever you have to write a definition essay, you have to choose a topic for your discussion. You have to understand that if you choose to define a physical object, its definition will be the same for most readers. However, if you choose any abstract term, then there will be definitely different opinions and definitions of the phenomenon. Thus, you have to understand that there is a need to pay attention to every detail while choosing a topic for your definition essay.

Here is a list of the most popular definition essay topics, where you can present your personal understanding of the issue.

  1. What is euthanasia?
  2. Success and its characteristics.
  3. Acid rain.
  4. Marriage and its types.
  5. Courage.
  6. Stereotyping and its forms in a modern world.
  7. Human rights and their violation.
  8. Abortion and its causes.
  9. Paranormal phenomena.
  10. Vegetarianism and its types.
  11. Immigration and types of immigrants.
  12. Social responsibility
  13. The best manager.
  14. Good parents and their qualities.
  15. Intelligence: can it be defined?
  16. Fast food and its diversity.
  17. What does child trade presume?
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  19. Drug testing and how it affects the personal life of citizens.
  20. What is homeopathy? Is it effective?
  21. Fitness and its division into categories.
  22. Atheism.
  23. Gay marriage.
  24. Give your definition of the word “Fortune.”
  25. Child abuse: how to measure it.
  26. Beauty versus intelligence.
  27. Workplace discrimination and its consequences.
  28. Drug selling: how to protect our children?
  29. Evolution: personal understanding of the matter.
  30. Good man
  31. Genocide.
  32. Cults and their division.
  33. Globalization and its consequences.
  34. Photography and its essence.
  35. Workplace diversity: should employers take it into consideration?
  36. Definition of religion and your personal attitude towards it.
  37. Justice
  38. Sexism and its types.
  39. Violence in mass media.
  40. Give your definition of the word “privacy.”
  41. Overpopulation.
  42. Mental health.
  43. Homelessness.
  44. Gun control. Does it help?
  45. Fascism.
  46. Adoption.
  47. Cancer. Can it be curable?
  48. Pro-life movement. What does it mean?
  49. Sexual harassment.
  50. Taxes and their meaning.
  51. Give your definition of the word “racism.”
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Regardless of the topic you want to discuss in your essay, one of essential aspects is the way your audience perceives it. You always have to choose a topic that is interesting for you; otherwise, your readers will get a sleepy reading only an introductory paragraph. There is a need to make a question “Is my topic interesting and appropriate for readers’ comprehension? Is the topic cognitive enough, but not too serious to make readers get bored?” If the answers to such questions are yes, you will definitely succeed in writing a custom definition essay. However, if you think that your chances are low, you can always outsource this writing task to our online writers. Buy a cheap definition essay at Essay-Online-Shop.com and become successful in every course!

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