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100 Best Research Paper Topics

Every student knows that it is not easy to write a research paper. One of the most difficult steps is the choice of a topic for a research paper because student’s success depends much on it. If you cannot create an effective topic, do not expect that your research paper will be highly graded. Remember that the best topic for your research paper is the one that was not investigated by many researchers so that you will have an opportunity to make your personal contribution to the research of the issue and present exclusive suggestions on the matter. You can write down a list of aspects you want to explore. Then you should make up your mind and choose the one of the biggest interest to you. If you are able to create an outline of the key ideas you want to present and realize that you have enough information to include in your research paper, then you can proceed with writing.

We understand that not all students are able to write the well-structured research papers. Thus, we offer you a chance to buy an essay or any other writing task at a low price. However, if you decide to write it on your own, you can use our list of the best topics for research papers/proposals.

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    Best Research Paper Topics

  1. Do people exaggerate the issue of global warming?
  2. Poverty in Africa. How can we prevent it?
  3. Disadvantages and advantages of working as a freelancer.
  4. Should the same-sex marriages be legalized in all countries?
  5. Pros and cons of a celebrity life.
  6. Life of illegal immigrants.
  7. Do all religions have the same background?
  8. Difference in salaries. Why do men earn more?
  9. Comprehensive Project: Chevron Corporation
  10. The United States and ISIS
  11. Gay and Lesbian Debate: The Different Opinions on the Issue
  12. Unethical Issues in Philip Morris Company
  13. How Have American Sanctions Imposed on Cuba Affected Cuba’s Development in Education and Health?
  14. Discrimination against Muslim Girls in Middle and High Schools in New York City
  15. The Importance of Foreign Trade to Mexico
  16. How did the Arab Spring effected America?
  17. What does the future hold for Africa?
  18. Is the American Dream Just a Myth?
  19. Sociology Research Paper Topics

  20. Should the drinking age decrease or increase?
  21. Child abuse and its types.
  22. Is it better to work in one company during the whole life or in different ones?
  23. Should health problems be more discussed in mass media?
  24. How to protect children from abuse?
  25. Why do many women perceive feminism in a negative way?
  26. The influence of mass media on people.
  27. Should employers allow their workers spend some time in a gym?
  28. Can 3 generation live under the same roof?
  29. Steps to improve working conditions in the mines.
  30. Should all couples attend parenting classes?
  31. How does art affect the development of personality?
  32. Forms of home violence. Measures to prevent it.
  33. Types of workaholics.
  34. Should parents be more careful while choosing a toy for their children?
  35. How modern society influences children?
  36. Stereotypes and bias. How to eradicate them?
  37. The rich versus the poor. How to help people provide their families with basic needs?
  38. Types of non-verbal communication.
  39. Dance Research Paper
  40. Effects of Social Networking Sites on love Relationship Between Partners
  41. Online Shopping
  42. Asian Americans: The Economy and Employment Issue
  43. The culture of poverty: The citizens of poor countries are responsibile for their own poverty
  44. How Iceland rode a social wave to tourism success.
  45. Human Sexuality and the Internet
  46. How Does Social Media Affect Sports?
  47. how does body language facilitate communication?
  48. Physical violence against LGBTQ in Iran
  49. Education Research Paper Topics

  50. Do athletes in the high schools, colleges and universities get higher grades due to the attitude towards them?
  51. Should the government introduce more private schools?
  52. Should school-leavers have a gap year? Why? Why not?
  53. Should college exams be forbidden not to expose students to much stress?
  54. Bullying at schools. How can teachers stop it?
  55. Should all students get college/university education?
  56. European versus American education.
  57. Should teachers get higher salaries?
  58. Should all students be obliged to wear a uniform?
  59. How to stop the spread of pornography among school-leavers?
  60. Does It Matter Where You Go to College?
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    History Research Paper Topics

  62. The causes and consequences of Holocaust.
  63. History of the fast food industry.
  64. Gender Inequality and Racism in the Greek Myths and Present
  65. The Birth of Nation: The history of the development of the USA
  66. What does the Informational Era mean?
  67. What are modern kinds of art?
  68. Does the American infrastructure deteriorate?
  69. How did Martin Luther King use Media to make the Movement so successfully?
  70. Law Research Paper Topics

  71. Can people break the law with a good purpose?
  72. Should cheap labor be forbidden?
  73. The scope of cybercrime.
  74. Should airport security be enhanced?
  75. Should alcohol and cigarette advertisements be banned?
  76. Cell phones and driving. Should enforcement agencies introduce the stricter laws?
  77. Should more immigrants get Green Cards?
  78. Should the government impose a stricter control over prescription medicine?
  79. Should paparazzi be sentenced for a violation of one’s privacy rights?
  80. Disclosing Officer Untruthfulness to the Defense
  81. Gun Violence in Chicago: How can we prevent it?
  82. Should Marijuana Be Legal or Illegal
  83. Should all men serve in the military forces?
  84. Nursing Research Paper Topics

  85. Child obesity. How to prevent it?
  86. Pros and cons of health insurance.
  87. Effectiveness of the health programs existing today.
  88. How to lose weight effectively?
  89. Does alternative medicine take a higher position in comparison to conventional practice?
  90. Withdrawal of Life Support
  91. Postpartum Depression Effects on the baby
  92. HIV or AIDS in African-Americans in Southern United States
  93. Evidenced Based Practice: Motivation and Barriers to Nurses
  94. Mental Illness Amongst The Homeless
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    Science Research Paper Topics

  96. Effects of global warming.
  97. Technological advancements and their adverse effects.
  98. Base Isolation System
  99. Cloud Computing Security
  100. Renewable Energy vs. Oil Industry
  101. Active Vs. Passive Defense Mechanisms Among Species
  102. Symbiotic relationships between bacteria and other organisms
  103. Prospects and Challenges of Renewable Energy from Waste in Saudi Arabia
  104. Should Jordan apply the Red-sea Dead-sea project to stop water crisis?
  105. Will the abuse of antibiotics/antibacterial products make them useless
  106. Absence of drinking water in many countries.
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