100 Argumentative Essay Topics

From time to time, every student is exposed to writing a custom argumentative essay while studying in high school, college, or university. However, it is not an easy task to accomplish. In order to succeed in fulfilling it, you have to be aware of all requirements and establish the matter of your competence that should match your chosen argumentative essay topic.

An essential step is to choose an appropriate topic that you can cover. It should not only be interesting, but arguable. It presumes a fact that your essay should present a discussion of the issue with clear arguments. One should not choose general topics, but narrow ones as they might be helpful in presenting an elaborate discussion of the matter. If you experience any difficulties in your academic life, you are welcome to buy an online custom essay at a low price from the best writers on the market.

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You have thoroughly to choose the topic for your argumentative essay paying attention to your knowledge and recourses you can find. To make this decision easier, you are welcome to choose a topic for your argumentative essay from the list presented below.

    Best Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Twitter and Facebook – how their creation influence customers’ privacy.
  2. Is abortion ever justified?
  3. Is there a need to ban teenage marriages?
  4. Can every person become wealthy?
  5. Advertising of alcohol and cigarettes should be prohibited.
  6. Does TV negatively influence modern children?
  7. Why social networks distort the meaning of communication?
  8. Is freedom of speech always the best way to resolve the conflict?
  9. Should graffiti be regarded as modern art?
  10. Why should every person be a patriot?
  11. Are people too much dependent on technological advancements?
  12. Can a woman and a man be friends?
  13. Why do people choose democratic leaders?
  14. Should the military service be obligatory to every man?
  15. Can utopia become real – peace in the whole world?
  16. Argumentative Essay Topics On Education

  17. Why education is such an important aspect in the development of every nation?
  18. Should school uniforms be introduced in every educational establishment?
  19. Should children be educated on the matter of sex relationships?
  20. Is corporal punishment an important aspect of children education?
  21. Should parents pay for children’s education?
  22. Is homeschooling better than traditional education?
  23. Can a person reach success without a diploma?
  24. Do College Rankings Matter?
  25. How Should Schools Address Bullying?
  26. Argumentative Essay Topics On Ethics

  27. Can animals be considered as victims in the zoos?
  28. Why hunting should be prohibited.
  29. Should the same-sex marriages be accepted in every country?
  30. Should researchers conduct their research on animals?
  31. Should all countries ban the death penalty?
  32. Should gay couples have a right to adopt children?
  33. Can suicide attempts be considered as brave acts?
  34. How should mass media be punished for defamation?
  35. Why should every person be free to choose sexual relationships?
  36. Should cloning be banned?
  37. Argumentative Essay Topics On Health

  38. Can vegetarians be considered as healthy people?
  39. Should researchers find a cure to prolong the life of human beings?
  40. Alternative medicine versus traditional ways of disease treatment.
  41. Is fast food killing its customers?
  42. Is self-treatment a better choice than going to the low-qualified doctors?
  43. Should all people be vaccinated?
  44. Why are physical trainings important for every student?
  45. Big sports. Are stimulants ever justified?
  46. At what age should women give birth to their children?
  47. Why legalize marijuana use?
  48. Do cell phones negatively influence human health?
  49. Argumentative Essay Topics On History

  50. The War in Iraq. Can it be justified?
  51. The consequences of the Vietnam War.
  52. The issue of Israel-Palestine.
  53. History is created by people, not real facts.
  54. Have women’s lives changed since feminist movements?
  55. Could We Have Stopped The 1st and 2nd World Wars?
  56. What Ended The Heightened Conflict Of The Cold War?
  57. What was the real cause of WW2?
  58. Was colonialism beneficial to the Third World, or was it harmful?
  59. Argumentative Essay Topics On Law

  60. Are murders ever justified?
  61. Should sex and violence in mass media be banned?
  62. Is democracy the best way of ruling?
  63. Can euthanasia be considered as a crime?
  64. Why is it important to ban gun possession among the ordinary people?
  65. Should public cigarette smoking be banned?
  66. Can drug testing be considered as the violation of the basic human rights?
  67. Pornography should be banned.
  68. Why should people be punished for the destruction of religious and historic objects?
  69. Can one justify monarchy?
  70. Why should killing of animals be banned?
  71. Why do people violate animals’ rights?
  72. Cell phones and driving. Should the government impose a ban?
  73. The appropriate age for voting.
  74. Can one person influence the whole world development?
  75. Argumentative Essay Topics On Science

  76. Are alternative energy sources useful nowadays?
  77. Nuclear energy and its negative effects on humans.
  78. Can people believe in researchers claims?
  79. The consequences of global warming.
  80. Can the existence of God be proved?
  81. Do people destruct the Earth?
  82. The need to impose a ban on rainforest destruction.
  83. Are genetic tests necessary for modern research?
  84. Darwinism: are there more supporters or opponents?
  85. Are there any valid reasons for life on the Earth?
  86. Is it possible to quit the drug use?
  87. Have aliens ever existed?
  88. Can women be considered as more intelligent than men?
  89. Life on other planets.
  90. Is nuclear weapon research the waste of money? Why?
  91. Argumentative Essay Topics On Society

  92. Should women be engaged in a military service?
  93. How many children should an ordinary family have?
  94. Effects of globalization on the society.
  95. Should the birth rate be under government control?
  96. Do long distance relationships exist?
  97. Should video games be banned for children?
  98. The Internet and its negative influence on personalities.
  99. Can a wealthy person be happy?
  100. Marriage and routine life. Do all people experience it?
  101. What is the best age to find real friends?
  102. Is a civil marriage a better option than the traditional one?
  103. Why is PR always considered as a negative act?
  104. Do all religions have the same principles?
  105. Can lack of money be considered as laziness?
  106. Is the modern art considered better the previous one?
  107. Is atheism a way to escape the reality?

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